About Patti DeNucci

I’m here to teach smart professionals how to
be better connected, more respected, and wonderfully successful. 

Unlike many networking specialists who encourage you to network more, I encourage you to network better: with greater purpose, presence, polish, and productivity. 

Why? Because it’s easier, more natural, more efficient and effective, and a lot more fun!Web_Patti_DeNucci-0373-Edit

I’m here to show you how to:

  • Network in ways that work for you, your personality, style, and objectives
  • Build a powerful knowledge and resource network that will enhance your work and life
  • Connect with strangers, contacts, and even friends with greater ease and confidence
  • Have more meaningful conversations
  • Be more attractive, approachable, and memorable
  • Figure out who “your people” are; the ones who “get” you and add the most tangible and intangible value to your world (and vice versa)
  • Follow up and stay in touch with greater efficiency, ease, and grace
  • Build a reputation as someone everyone wants to know, work with, hire, and refer

My passion is helping you learn, adapt, and apply the valuable lessons I learned during more than 35 years as a business owner, communicator, coach, and connector. 

Hire me to speak at your event, facilitate strategic work sessions with your team, or moderate a stimulating panel discussion. (Here’s my latest speaker one-sheet and Ten Reasons to Hire Patti.)  Want to see me in action?  TEDx talk – Courageous Conversations  Or check out my sizzle reel.  Or just call me at 512-970-8129 or email me at patti [at] intentionalnetworker [dot] com.  Let’s explore ways to work together!

Schedule one-on-one coaching time with me and let’s get to the heart of your networking goals and challenges. (Don’t live near me? We can do this by phone!)

Read my latest blog and my award-winning book The Intentional Networker: Attracting Powerful Relationships, Referrals & Results in Business . (It’s available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, and other major book outlets, both in print and digital form.  Consider it your must-have networking field guide.)

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