DeNucci & Co. LLC, a boutique publishing, consulting, and referral firm

Patti DeNucci, Owner & Business Networking & Referral Expert

I’m here to help success-minded people like you:

  • Network better, instead of more
  • Network according to your personality, vision, intentions & goals
  • Leverage your existing contacts and connections
  • Enter a room full of strangers with greater ease and confidence
  • Become more purposeful, polished, and present as you meet and converse with others
  • Attract, recognize and connect with “your people”
  • Analyze what’s working, what’s not in your networking
  • Follow up and stay in touch easily and with value
  • Become the person everyone wants to know, refer and do business with

How may I serve you?

Do you want to:

Contact me at patti [at] intentionalnetworker [dot] com or 512-970-8129.