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Being real and transparent in networking

Ever met someone at a networking event and wondered if you were experiencing the “real” person?  A few weeks ago I was at a business luncheon, conversing with a woman I’d just met. She represented a line of luxury items for women and was very professional and friendly. Problem was, I couldn’t get her talk about anything other than

Networking isn’t just about more

Ever consider what would happen if you planted a garden, then another and another and another and even several more, but you never went back and watered, weeded, or even harvested the first ones you planted?

How to do a networking coffee (the right way)

In my previous blog, “Networking Coffees: Blessing or Curse?”, I made no bones about it. Being invited to coffee in a business networking capacity can be valuable, tortuous, or anything in between. It all depends on how busy you are, who’s doing the inviting, their reasons for asking, and their behavior or style during said coffee appointment. So I found it interesting that the next day I had a coffee date on my calendar.

The essence of successful networking

Sometimes the conversations you have (or hear) after a networking event are the best ones of the day. I was blessed to listen in on one of those recently.  I had just spoken at a women’s networking event and was packing up my materials and books.  Everyone had left except two of the event organizers who offered to assist me as I returned my gear to my car.

My speaking topic had been about how to be a more thoughtful and intentional networker.  I hoped …