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Yes, you can learn to love networking (again)

Hello again. I generally don’t post blogs two days in a row, but I wanted you to have access to an interview I did recently with Winnie Anderson, who heads up a business and podcast called the Introverted Entrepreneur.  We met (do you believe it?) on LinkedIn when we both commented on a post about networking. (Yes, connections can be made via social media!) We hit it off immediately (which is what you do with “your people”) and she invited me to be on her …

My gift to you – today only – February 7

Have you read my award-winning book The Intentional Networker(tm): Attracting Powerful Relationships, Referrals & Results in Business? If not, today’s your lucky day.  No more excuses!  Right now you can download the Kindle version absolutely FREE on Amazon. That’s right!  Click here this minute to grab your copy.  And be sure to tell your friends and colleagues so they don’t miss out. This offer ends at midnight tonight – and it may not return.

What makes The Intentional Networker different than other networking books?  …

Are you stuck in a self-imposed rut?

Ever been in a situation where you saw only one way to reach your goal, it just wasn’t working, and you couldn’t find a solution? My dog Maggie alerted me to a situation like this recently. I was working in my home office and heard her barking out in the back yard. It wasn’t her crazed, “Squirrel!!!” yip. It was her more authoritative, lower-pitched “Something’s up! Come quickly!” bark.

Networking tips from nature

I went outside and looked over the deck railing. Down in the grass was a young …

7 ways to be a better connector

Making, giving, and receiving connections and referrals seems to be on our minds and are a big reason even off-the-charts introverts bother to network. So today I’m sharing a brief sampling of my favorite tips on the subject, specifically from the giving standpoint, since giving first is one of my networking philosophies.  Here goes, excerpted and adapted directly from the pages of Chapter 8 of my book, The Intentional Networker: Attracting Powerful Relationships, Referrals & Results in Business.

1. Realize that every referral, recommendation, introduction,

So, why do you network? Really?

Different people network differently for different reasons and under different situations.  Tough to say, but important to remember.  Here are a few ideas to ponder as you make decisions about where, how, why, and with whom you network.  You might network because you want or need:

1. To get out of the office.  Let’s face it. Even the best job and the most intriguing work can be drudgery at times. Sometimes you need to enjoy a refreshing break and a change of scenery along with …

Networking, referrals & likability

If you’ve been on the networking circuit awhile you’ve probably heard this adage a hundred times:  “People do business with people they like.”  I’m wondering how this statement ever made it past the first draft stage. It’s certainly catchy and easy to remember. But there are some vital pieces missing. After all, is liking someone really enough to make me want to do business with (or refer) them?

How to do a networking coffee (the right way)

In my previous blog, “Networking Coffees: Blessing or Curse?”, I made no bones about it. Being invited to coffee in a business networking capacity can be valuable, tortuous, or anything in between. It all depends on how busy you are, who’s doing the inviting, their reasons for asking, and their behavior or style during said coffee appointment. So I found it interesting that the next day I had a coffee date on my calendar.

Referral relationships: beyond the ask

Ever hear of a solopreneur or business owner who didn’t appreciate good referrals?  Referrals absolutely rock.  Businesses are built and sustained on them.  Stories and statistics prove what efficient business-builders they can be.  And according to a survey done by the Small Business Administration you have a 60% chance of closing business from a referral; only a 10% chance from a cold call or new contact.

That’s profound math.  But how do you do make that math work for you

Many sales experts say it’s …