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So, why do you network? Really?

Different people network differently for different reasons and under different situations.  Tough to say, but important to remember.  Here are a few ideas to ponder as you make decisions about where, how, why, and with whom you network.  You might network because you want or need:

1. To get out of the office.  Let’s face it. Even the best job and the most intriguing work can be drudgery at times. Sometimes you need to enjoy a refreshing break and a change of scenery along with …

What are your networking goals for 2012?

As the new year begins, you’re probably in the throes of setting an array of ambitious resolutions, intentions, goals, and strategic plans.  As you do this, be sure to include a few that will guide your business networking as well.  Here are a eight questions that can guide you in this process:

  1. What 20% of your friends, colleagues, customers & contacts made the greatest positive impact on you and your business in 2011?
  2. Describe what these impacts were. (Hint: they don’t have to be monetary.)

For those building their networking list

In my last blog post, I wrote about the satisfaction you can experience when you choose to intentionally pare back an overstuffed or outdated contact database or address book.  I received several comments from people who agreed this mindful purging felt empowering and restored a sense of refreshing clarity to their business relationships. Much like cleaning out a drawer, closet or file cabinet.

A day or two after that post, I spoke about The Art & Science of Being a More Intentional Networker at …

Lessons from recent networking events

You haven’t heard from me as much this past week as I’ve been busy attending a number of professional, networking, and social events. More so than usual, actually.  But every event on my calendar met the criteria I mentioned in my previous post, “The Power of Three Reasons”. What’s more, my intuition urged me on based on lessons learned from my friend Dianna Amorde, author of a powerful book called Aha! Moments: When Intellect & Intuition Collide. With each event, I noticed

The power of three reasons

I’ll keep this short and simple today because I know you’re busy. Busy with work. Busy keeping up with your contacts and prospects. Busy with your endless To Do List, not to mention your personal life. With all this busy-ness, this simple tip may be a life-saver.  Here goes…

Signs of a great client relationship

Back when I first launched my business — and dealt with my first batch of “stinker” clients — I decided to get more particular and intentional about the types of clients I worked with.  I’m a big list maker so I created a list of must-haves that would help me recognize a great client relationship.

From good to great: A relatively easy step

Ever notice that the people who need help or enlightenment the most are often the least likely to:  a) know they need it and b) seek it out?

My friend Nishi Whitely of Turnlane Consulting and I compared notes on this today.  After reading my book, The Intentional Networker™, and giving it a thumbs up, Nishi said,  “Patti, the people who read your book are probably the ones who are already pretty good at networking, but they’ve decided they want to be really great networkers.”…

The best networking advice of all time

I love smart, funny, original books.  So years ago when a savvy reader-friend told me to read The Sweet Potato Queen’s Book of Love by Jill Connor Browne, I obeyed.   I loved that book (still do) and laughed so hard I nearly pulled a rib.  Little did I know that one of the author’s many cheeky bits of advice would become a favorite quote, if not a mantra, and become a key theme for my own book The Intentional Networker™: Attracting Powerful Relationships, Referrals &

Where networking really happens – if you’re ready.

My colleague Jan Goss and I spoke at a career transitions group last night at a local church. We shared both our expertise and encouraging words with those seeking work and going through career changes.  It was fun, fulfilling, and eye-opening.  Our topic was Networking, but given the needs of the group, we focused less on networking “events” and more on where networking can frequently occur…

Networking coffees: blessing or curse?

While coaching a fledgling solopreneur recently, we reviewed her networking habits to see what was working for her and what wasn’t.  She had an active networking schedule, which was fine considering she was new in town and just getting her business started. Meeting lots of people was important to her at this stage, but she also had some concerns.