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Harnessing the power of slowing down, being still

I commented earlier this week on my Intentional Networker™ fan page about how much I’ve been thinking about the value of stillness. And by stillness, I mean slowing down the pace; setting intentions, and then allowing time to get quiet, reflect, and think.  It’s not about stopping everything, checking out completely, or giving up. It’s about doing “the work” then becoming open and receptive to ideas, aha moments, experiences, and even exchanges and connections.

Case in point: I was at the NSA convention in Indianapolis

What really good relationships require

I’m a creative person at heart. And among the many lessons I’ve learned over the years about creativity is that the really stellar aha’s and ideas and the really profound and impactful work have one huge requirement: time.  Time to relax. Time to think. Time to not think. Time (as my late friend and mentor Anne Durrum Robinson would put it) to cogitate.  And of course time to do the necessary work as you execute the idea.

Networking, connecting, and building solid relationships can have …

What’s happening in your personal circle?

If you read my last post and took it to heart, I hope you’re thinking about what steps you can take to improve the way you present and conduct yourself as you network and build business relationships.  If you haven’t read it I highly recommend you do so now. Even if you are a seasoned networker, it’s so easy to become complacent or fall into bad habits. (Or maybe the habits you developed are outdated or never worked in the first place.)

Shortly after I …

A question to ponder as you network

If you’re like me you have more professional development books, CD’s, podcasts, and DVD’s in your library than you can keep up with.  After surveying my inventory, getting intentional, and weeding out the items that no longer interest me, I’m on a sincere quest to get caught up. Today I was listening to one of the National Speaker Association’s Voices of Experience CDs (September 2011 if you must know — yes, I’m that far behind). I was listening to the segment in which Brian Walter,

The person everyone is glad they know. Or not.

In my book, The Intentional Networker, I tell the story of a woman who is so eager to be liked and accepted she actually makes a bit of a spectacle of herself.  In fact, she becomes her reputation’s own worst enemy. This woman is generous and well-meaning, but operates in a thoughtless state of hyper-drive.  She talks more than she listens and blurts out instant solutions to everyone’s challenges and requests. She is a chatty, impulsive know-it-all; one of those over-eager people who, let’s be …

Theme du jour: Little by little matters

Every morning as I sip my first cup of coffee, I get caught up on my favorite blogs.  Nothing spectacular about that, really, except that today I noticed something different: a connecting theme in every blog I read. Ever notice how that happens? Maybe it’s something all three bloggers heard or saw on the news that prompted them to write about similar topics. Or maybe this time it was just me who saw the similarities.  I was open to seeing them.  Ever notice how that

Expanding the possibilities as you network

In observing others and working with my coaching and consulting clients, I often see two extremes: 1) people who believe networking is primarily about bringing in new customers and 2) people who think networking is purely a matter of “getting out there and meeting people” and then seeing what happens.

Neither approach is wrong. However, there are advantages to being more multidimensional and purposeful about it.   Yes, networking is critical to growing our businesses and expanding your career.  But value also comes in forms that …

Purpose, polish & productivity. And possibilities.

Purpose, Polish & Productivity in Networking. Those were my key points as I spoke to a group of entrepreneurs last week about being an Intentional Networker(tm), someone who  attracts powerful relationships, referrals and results in business. I felt good about keeping my talk to those three key messages. After all, one of my speaking coaches, Jim Comer, insists three points per presentation is all people can really remember.

But amidst that very planned, buttoned up trifecta of P’s I wanted to add …

How to get lucky

For those of you seeking tips on how to attract a steamy, romantic encounter: Sorry, that’s not the kind of “lucky” I meant. The message I want to share here is more about what Luck really is and how you can attract it.  You can apply this to romance if you’d like, but my focus here is more on how you can bring in more customers, make more money, build a stellar contact list, and attract golden opportuities.

Why this topic today? I was with …

5 ways to get creative with your networking

You may recognize this line: “My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.”  It’s one of Hedley Lamarr’s lines in the very ridiculous, very politically-incorrect movie “Blazing Saddles.” I currently have this line posted on my bulletin board because it expresses how I often feel: so much to do, so many ideas, so many places to go and people to see, and so little time to fit it all in.  What to do about it?  …