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Purpose, polish & productivity. And possibilities.

Purpose, Polish & Productivity in Networking. Those were my key points as I spoke to a group of entrepreneurs last week about being an Intentional Networker(tm), someone who  attracts powerful relationships, referrals and results in business. I felt good about keeping my talk to those three key messages. After all, one of my speaking coaches, Jim Comer, insists three points per presentation is all people can really remember.

But amidst that very planned, buttoned up trifecta of P’s I wanted to add …

Throw away the script

Ever had this happen to you? You’re going along, doing your usual thing, reading articles, popping in on Facebook or Twitter, having conversations with friends or colleagues, listening to the news or a podcast or a speaker you admire, and – BAM! – you experience a common theme. This happens to me a lot. And it happened to me this week.  This time it was all about scripts – and the screaming fact that you should throw them away.

What do I mean by scripts?  …

Being real and transparent in networking

Ever met someone at a networking event and wondered if you were experiencing the “real” person?  A few weeks ago I was at a business luncheon, conversing with a woman I’d just met. She represented a line of luxury items for women and was very professional and friendly. Problem was, I couldn’t get her talk about anything other than

For those building their networking list

In my last blog post, I wrote about the satisfaction you can experience when you choose to intentionally pare back an overstuffed or outdated contact database or address book.  I received several comments from people who agreed this mindful purging felt empowering and restored a sense of refreshing clarity to their business relationships. Much like cleaning out a drawer, closet or file cabinet.

A day or two after that post, I spoke about The Art & Science of Being a More Intentional Networker at …

Lessons from recent networking events

You haven’t heard from me as much this past week as I’ve been busy attending a number of professional, networking, and social events. More so than usual, actually.  But every event on my calendar met the criteria I mentioned in my previous post, “The Power of Three Reasons”. What’s more, my intuition urged me on based on lessons learned from my friend Dianna Amorde, author of a powerful book called Aha! Moments: When Intellect & Intuition Collide. With each event, I noticed

The best networking advice of all time

I love smart, funny, original books.  So years ago when a savvy reader-friend told me to read The Sweet Potato Queen’s Book of Love by Jill Connor Browne, I obeyed.   I loved that book (still do) and laughed so hard I nearly pulled a rib.  Little did I know that one of the author’s many cheeky bits of advice would become a favorite quote, if not a mantra, and become a key theme for my own book The Intentional Networker™: Attracting Powerful Relationships, Referrals &

Where networking really happens – if you’re ready.

My colleague Jan Goss and I spoke at a career transitions group last night at a local church. We shared both our expertise and encouraging words with those seeking work and going through career changes.  It was fun, fulfilling, and eye-opening.  Our topic was Networking, but given the needs of the group, we focused less on networking “events” and more on where networking can frequently occur…

10 Ideas to Help You Be a Networking Genius

People frequently ask me, “How can I network more effectively, make more valuable connections, attract good referrals, and build my business (or find a good job)?”  The tips below can really help.  Some ideas seem so obvious,  even mundane, but I mention them because they’re important. Observation at recent networking events also tells me they’re still worth mentioning. Even some of the most seasoned networkers and business people need to read and consider these.  Even if just for a brush-up.

1. Adopt a positive attitude.

Referral relationships: beyond the ask

Ever hear of a solopreneur or business owner who didn’t appreciate good referrals?  Referrals absolutely rock.  Businesses are built and sustained on them.  Stories and statistics prove what efficient business-builders they can be.  And according to a survey done by the Small Business Administration you have a 60% chance of closing business from a referral; only a 10% chance from a cold call or new contact.

That’s profound math.  But how do you do make that math work for you

Many sales experts say it’s …

Warmth & authenticity: Two must-haves in networking

Rarely have I felt so welcomed and accepted in all my life at a business and networking event. My colleague Sara Canaday and I had just checked into our hotel in Anaheim, California.  We are both experienced professional speakers, but were attending the National Speakers Association (NSA) Influence ’11 summer conference for the first time. We were there to learn, connect, and represent our new NSA chapter in Austin.

As we approached the elevator foyer, a lovely, smiling women who we recognized from a photo …