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20 tips for making better introductions, connections & referrals

Nothing makes the world go ’round in the business and networking worlds like a quality introduction or connection. And the Queen Mother of Generosity in this realm is the well-thought-out referral.  When done well and thoughtfully, everyone wins. The people/parties connected benefit from each other. The person doing the connecting looks like a hero. And the world becomes a better, more synchronistic place.

But when connections are made with haste, things can go haywire. Businesspeople introducing outside of office, shaking hand, smiling.

You don’t want this to happen to you, right? That’s why …

If we could all be a little more like Kitty

Let me begin by saying that the following passage is not my writing (although, darn, I wish it was!).  It is a passage from a book by American author and director Paul Auster. I included this colorful passage in a handout for one of my recent workshops on Conversation.  As attendees discussed various quotes on the nature and value of good conversation, several agreed that they wish they (and others) could be more like Kitty, the character described below. (I don’t think Auster meant that …

17 Kick ­Butt Ways to Be More Successful, Influential & Engaging

I just woke up from a delicious nap. Not your ordinary nap, mind you. This one was induced by a rigorous spin class at my fitness club, Pure Austin. The instructor, Ryon Talbot, is responsible. And he’s the subject of today’s post, not just because he is an excellent trainer (though I hear the proper term these days is “coach”), but because he also exemplifies a number of traits, habits, and attitudes that more of us could consider adopting as we move through our days, …

11 easy networking tips that attract new friends

Generally when something comes up three times or more in a relatively short time, I pay attention. You know what I’m talking about.  Three different people mention the same book. The same person pops up in conversation, in your thoughts, or even in a dream three or more times.  Or an idea comes to you in three different forms. What does it mean? Time to take action, of course!


So when this topic came up at least three times in the last several weeks, I …

Your connections: Are you a collector or curator?

Butterfly CollectionCollector or curator? There’s a big difference when it comes to building your network. Which are you?

A collector is someone who gathers, seeks out, and collects things. In this case it’s connections with others. Or even just business cards or names and contact information that he can add to his network. The point is to build the collection. Make it bigger. Maybe even more diverse. Not a bad thing.

A curator, on the other hand, is a keeper or caretaker of the collection. To …

3 Articles You Won’t Want to Miss

What have you been up to this first quarter of 2015? I’ve been speaking, facilitating, and writing, but mostly writing. Here are three pieces, generously published by a trusted colleague, consultant and communicator Todd Schnick out of Atlanta, Georgia on his IntrepidNow Network. Reading Glasses

Hope you enjoy them. The theme? What else:  Live, Work & Connect at a Higher Level(tm)

5 Rules for a Happy, Amazing & Impactful Life

Years ago, after accepting one of my first professional awards, I had the opportunity to give a brief acceptance speech to those who attended the awards banquet. At that time I wanted to share a few things that had worked thus far in my life to make me feel happy, useful to the world, driven to do good work, and hopeful for the future.

© anyaberkut -

© anyaberkut –

I’m sharing the basic notes from this little speech now because I still refer to this list …

Please don’t pretend to care

Some of you may know that I come from primarily British (okay, and Cornish and Irish) heritage. So it’s no surprise that I love to brandish an occasional quote from whip smart, witty historic figures like Winston Churchill.  Here is one of his gems that I find terribly amusing: Winston Churchill

“If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit is again. Then hit it a third time …

Ridding yourself of toxic habits and energy zappers

Looking for a ridiculously simple exercise that can help you see big results from a few small changes? This could be it! How do I know this? I have proof.

© nenetus

© nenetus

When facilitating my workshops, I’m frequently and pleasantly surprised by the positive, if not giddy reactions I get to one of my favorite Intentional Networking exercises.  I call it “The Energy Test.” So given this is the season of resolutions and making positive changes, I’m going to share it with you here.

You’ll …

Reasons I’m ditching the Expert mindset

I made a decision recently. Despite counsel to the contrary from smart and successful colleagues, mentors and coaches who I respect very much, I’m going to stop referring to myself as an Expert. Why? Because it just doesn’t feel right. In fact, it feels (forgive me) kind of cheesy, meaningless, and inauthentic.


For starters, it seems everyone is calling themselves an Expert these days.  Moreover, Expert feels like a rather haughty term, implying I’ve reached some kind of thrilling pinnacle in my career and that …