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11 Strategies for Hosting an Epic Wine Tasting Party

I’ve never seen my dogs so tired. No, we hadn’t gone on a 5-mile hike. Nor had the pups been out chasing squirrels all day. They were wiped out because the night before my sweetie and I threw a little wine-tasting party. There were people coming and going throughout the evening. There was lots of good food to mooch. And there was lots of good conversation and boisterous laughter that prevented the dogs from getting to bed at their usual hour.  

By the time the …

A Networking Success Story: Four on Friday

Sometimes my readers, audience members, clients, and even friends and family take my advice and (eureka!) get fantastic results. This is one of those times, so I think it’s worth sharing here.

To begin, here’s a question I’m frequently asked when I present or when I work with coaching clients: “How can we get our staff more connected with each other without it being weird or awkward?”  This is an excellent question because any team works more productively, more effectively, more creatively, and with a …

How to exit conversations graciously

Ever wish you could exit, escape from, or even avoid a conversation? I don’t mean the difficult ones where it’s necessary to speak the uncomfortable truth, face the elephant in the room, clear the air, make a confession, or talk through a problem or stressful situation. I mean the conversations (or as my witty friend Mike Robertson calls them, “non-versations”) that take place in social settings or as you are going about your life or work and, for whatever reason, you feel trapped. It’s not …

Are your networking signals thoughtful and accurate?

Most of us have pet peeves when it comes to other people, especially other drivers. One of mine is when people don’t use their signal lights properly. Grrrr!!  You know exactly what I’m talking about.  A few examples:

  • The driver who passes you, then darts back into your lane with no signal, cutting you off.
  • The would-be race car driver who goes 15 mph faster than everyone else and then swoops jauntily across several lanes with no signal.
  • The person who

Declare your networking independence

July is a month where we recognize, appreciate, and celebrate the many freedoms we enjoy as Americans.  I’d like to suggest that one of the freedoms we enjoy be — hello! — how you network.

And if you really hate that term, as many do (I can tell  by the eye-rolling, nose scrunching, and overall cringing), allow me to suggest this:  start the process of declaring your networking independence by ditching the term.  Try using another term in its place.  How about one of these? …

What don’t you want?

“Of all the ideas you’ve ever had,” he said, “that’s one of ’em.”  That was his kind way of telling me I had hit rock bottom with an idea.

I was thrilled.

This was years ago when I was a freelance copywriter and marketing communications consultant. My graphic designer counterpart and I were brainstorming playfully on promotional campaign ideas for a new client. Part of our process, which to outsiders may have seemed sick and twisted but to us was a total blast, was to …

Yes, you can learn to love networking (again)

Hello again. I generally don’t post blogs two days in a row, but I wanted you to have access to an interview I did recently with Winnie Anderson, who heads up a business and podcast called the Introverted Entrepreneur.  We met (do you believe it?) on LinkedIn when we both commented on a post about networking. (Yes, connections can be made via social media!) We hit it off immediately (which is what you do with “your people”) and she invited me to be on her …

Is it time to exchange busy for visionary?

Okay, you Type A peeps out there.  Gather ’round. I have an important announcement.  I know you’re super proud of being go-getters with lots of drive, ambition, achievements on your resume, long To-Do Lists that you whiz through in record time, and (above all) big goals for your career and life.  Feels really awesome to be you, right?

Or does it? 

Trust me, there’s a better way to be successful and accomplished besides simply being busy, which I’m guessing you are most of the …

Two Powerful Tips for Refreshing Your Network

Even if you’re a confirmed introvert, reaching out to the people you most value in your network doesn’t have to be hard, scary, or time-consuming. And it’s something you might want to make the time to do if you want to keep your most valued connections alive and well. To help make this super easy,  I’m offering two powerful tips that will give you compelling reasons to pick up the phone, write a note, or send off an email or social media message to one …

9 Strategies for Conquering a Conference Your Way

Sometimes as I’m reading them I wrinkle my nose and think “Wow, I could never do that!”

No, I’m not talking about the memoirs of the world’s most experienced rock climbers, confessions of serial bank robbers, books written by people who eat crickets as a protein source, or even some of the (ahem) interesting posts people publish on Facebook.  No, I’m talking about articles and blogs on how to attend a conference.

Problem is, most of the articles I’ve read on this topic are …