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Yes, you can learn to love networking (again)

Hello again. I generally don’t post blogs two days in a row, but I wanted you to have access to an interview I did recently with Winnie Anderson, who heads up a business and podcast called the Introverted Entrepreneur.  We met (do you believe it?) on LinkedIn when we both commented on a post about networking. (Yes, connections can be made via social media!) We hit it off immediately (which is what you do with “your people”) and she invited me to be on her …

Is it time to exchange busy for visionary?

Okay, you Type A peeps out there.  Gather ’round. I have an important announcement.  I know you’re super proud of being go-getters with lots of drive, ambition, achievements on your resume, long To-Do Lists that you whiz through in record time, and (above all) big goals for your career and life.  Feels really awesome to be you, right?

Or does it? 

Trust me, there’s a better way to be successful and accomplished besides simply being busy, which I’m guessing you are most of the …

Two Powerful Tips for Refreshing Your Network

Even if you’re a confirmed introvert, reaching out to the people you most value in your network doesn’t have to be hard, scary, or time-consuming. And it’s something you might want to make the time to do if you want to keep your most valued connections alive and well. To help make this super easy,  I’m offering two powerful tips that will give you compelling reasons to pick up the phone, write a note, or send off an email or social media message to one …

9 Strategies for Conquering a Conference Your Way

Sometimes as I’m reading them I wrinkle my nose and think “Wow, I could never do that!”

No, I’m not talking about the memoirs of the world’s most experienced rock climbers, confessions of serial bank robbers, books written by people who eat crickets as a protein source, or even some of the (ahem) interesting posts people publish on Facebook.  No, I’m talking about articles and blogs on how to attend a conference.

Problem is, most of the articles I’ve read on this topic are …

From random to relationship

It’s a message I share with my clients and audiences over and over again:  good networking is an attitude, not an event.  It’s about treating all people, all conversations with respect and grace, even if you’re not sure what – if anything – will come from it. From there, things often fall into place, especially if you do your part (following up, for example).

For instance, have you ever had a seemingly random conversation that turned into a hugely important relationship or offered you an …

And we wonder why nothing is happening…

Sometimes I feel like knocking my head against the wall.  And it’s because the most important answers are often the most elegant and obvious.  Problem is, we are often so caught up in our own heads, To Do Lists, and busy schedules, we don’t see the obvious or the big picture.

Not a good place to be if you’re trying to Live, Work  & Connect at a Higher Level(tm).

That’s exactly what happened to me this morning.  I was working on a document that had …

Networking: It’s about patience, courtship & value

“What’s the next question?”

That was the assignment I gave my audience during a recent presentation.  They had just completed a short reflection assignment as well as a group discussion regarding how they could best benefit from the conference they were attending – and how they could build, diversify, and leverage their professional networks once they returned home.

Why that question?

It’s been my experience that before you can find the right answer(s), you need to identify the right question(s).   (And if you …

How to jumpstart a stalled, stale network

It was the room in my home I avoided at all costs.  What the room held captive was terrifying and vile.  You know the room (or closet or corner or other storage space) I’m talking about: that extra space that becomes the depository for extra…stuff.  Boxes and boxes, pile after pile of stuff.

You know how this happens.

First you stack one pile of things in there. Just to get them out of the way. Or because there’s no place to put them and company …

Creating a more intentional life and circle

This past weekend proved to me the beauty and endlessness of the Circle of Life. All in a 24 hour period I experienced several important life events:

  • Dear friends welcoming into the world their first grandchild, a highly-adorable bundle of pink cuteness
  • The beautiful and poignant memorial service celebrating the too-short life of the son of another dear friend
  • The 65th birthday party of yet another dear friend (planned and hosted, mind you, by a woman who will be “only 93” in a few weeks).

Dear Introverts

I’m writing to you today because I want to tell you how much I appreciate – and understand – you. And because I have a few thoughts and ideas that might help you converse and connect with greater effectiveness, ease, and confidence. So here goes. 

  1. Give yourself some credit and believe in yourself.  I have numerous friends who are introverts (I’m half introvert myself) and regularly meet with, speak to, and coach them.  They are some of my favorite clients and friends!  One gentleman I