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Being real and transparent in networking

Ever met someone at a networking event and wondered if you were experiencing the “real” person?  A few weeks ago I was at a business luncheon, conversing with a woman I’d just met. She represented a line of luxury items for women and was very professional and friendly. Problem was, I couldn’t get her talk about anything other than

Warmth & authenticity: Two must-haves in networking

Rarely have I felt so welcomed and accepted in all my life at a business and networking event. My colleague Sara Canaday and I had just checked into our hotel in Anaheim, California.  We are both experienced professional speakers, but were attending the National Speakers Association (NSA) Influence ’11 summer conference for the first time. We were there to learn, connect, and represent our new NSA chapter in Austin.

As we approached the elevator foyer, a lovely, smiling women who we recognized from a photo …