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Networking: 10 gracious & thoughtful next steps

Want to do something that makes you stand out from the crowd next time you make a connection? It’s so easy it’s almost ridiculous. Yet so few people actually do this – and when they do, they often get it wrong.

Let’s call it The Art of the Gracious Networking Follow Up.   Here’s how it works:FunkyFrogStock

Next time you meet someone – could be at a networking event or conference, on a plane, at the gym, at your niece’s wedding shower, while standing outside …

The most important woman in my life

Today’s post isn’t necessarily about connecting or networking or building business relationships, but it is about someone who has heavily influenced who I am and who I have become. I often talk about my grandfather and my dad in my presentations, but today I want to honor the mother I was blessed to have and be raised by.

Mom was born in 1918, the youngest of nine children. She died of Parkinson’s disease in 2002 after suffering and declining for nearly a decade. Those dates …

Shift your inner voice for a more positive networking experience

Our human brains and our ability to “talk” to ourselves are miracles of nature. Problem is, they often get things wrong  ̶  or even totally backwards. So say two of my favorite and very wise self-help authors and teachers, Byron Katie and Martha Beck. I am learning to believe them.

Take for example the ways we talk to, scold, or belittle ourselves. Or even freak ourselves out completely.

  • “I should be getting more done.”
  • “Everyone is more productive and successful than I am.”
  • “I need

Courageous conversations: Let’s have more of them!

And I don’t mean the courageous conversations where you’ve really had it!  So you’ve finally gotten up the nerve to tell your nosy, noisy, no-good neighbor what you really think of her. Or you’re going to, once and for all, let your supervisor know what a complete and utter jerk he is. Or you’re mad as hell and are going to return the faulty – and overpriced – gizmo you bought, raise a ruckus, and demand a complete refund. And an apology.


I mean …

Discovering & becoming your Best Self

I attended a speakers’ workshop a few years ago where a visionary acting coach revealed ways we could be even better at what we do. During this fascinating session, we discovered that even though speakers and actors are different (okay, some speakers act like actors), we have some important things in common.

Speakers and actors have many things in common.

Speakers and actors have many things in common.

Like actors, we speakers work from a stage — or in front of a camera. We have to know our material inside and out, yet …

Useful intentional networking tools & inspiration

As my way of saying “Thank You” to those of you who: 1) have been loyal subscribers since I launched my first post and 2) have just recently subscribed, I am sharing links to a few of my favorite Intentional Networking tools and bonuses.

Spring tulip flower bouquet in watering can with copy space. Gardening concept

My Spring Gifts to you to inspire you to network and experience amazing connections more intentionally

I hope you will find these items helpful and inspiring as you review and refresh how you connect, converse, and build powerful, mutually-beneficial relationships in …

Resource, referral or recommendation?

You’ve probably experienced this: you’re working on a big project, facing a challenge, or simply in need of specific expertise. You need help and don’t know where to turn. So you reach out to a friend or colleague for advice on what to do.  She offers what sounds like a hearty recommendation.

“Oh,” she says, sounding supremely confident. “You need to call So-and-So.”

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

So you do, thinking it will be a great fit; that the challenge will be solved with great results.  …

Creating more engagement, delight, authenticity

“Hmmm,” she said, putting her index finger pensively to her lips and tilting her head as she considered my project. After what seemed like forever — but was likely only a few brief seconds — she looked at me knowingly over her reading glasses and said gently, “It needs a surprise. Something unexpected. Then it will be more interesting. More memorable.”

“She” was Ms. Zontelli, one of my college art professors; a quirky, brilliant, and unpredictable force of nature with pale, glowing skin and long, …

Pets and people: how humans connect (or not)

Sometimes we make small, but significant social blunders. And I am going to admit here that I’ve made this one repeatedly.   Maybe you have, too, and will be able to relate.  Then we can figure out what the deal is – and hopefully course-correct together.

Here’s the story:

Most people who have dogs walk them and take them out in public regularly.  This is good, because dogs are generally social creatures and are so much happier ̶  and likely to take good long naps  ̶  …

How to get more done & push through challenges

My heart was pounding. I was gasping for breath. I could see the sweat beading off my hands and feel it dripping down my back. It was hellish.

But, hey, that’s how endurance spin class feels when you’re really giving it your all. And based on the numbers on my heart monitor, that’s what I was doing.

“It’s right… about now,” she said, “that… you won’t …have any tolerance… for negativity of any kind…in your mind …or coming from anyone… around you.”

“She” is Allison, …