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The Art of the Productive & Energizing Interruption

Whether you work in a cubicle, a co-working space, in a home office, or even at your kitchen table,  one of the fine arts you need to master if you are to become a true ninja-level Intentional Networker is that of the Positive Interruption.  Why?  Because we humans all need a little break now and then. A short and energizing respite from the routine or work has been proven to impact us in positive ways.  And despite our busy-ness, we need to stay connected to

Books, death and powerful conversations

First grade teachers are changing the world. They are the ones who are encouraging kids (and we grownups, too) to read every day. For at least 20 minutes. I couldn’t agree more. And not just because I have a sister who was a first grade teacher and a school principal.  (Thanks, Liz!)

Reading doesn’t just make you a better reader; it changes lives. Yes, there is the learning component. But reading is also a practice that puts you smack dab on the path to enjoying

The surprising power of what is true

In his book A Moveable Feast, the great American writer Ernest Hemingway, admits to the struggle that even the most devoted and talented writers face: what to write.

“…sometimes when I was starting a new story and I could not get it going, I would sit in front of the fire and squeeze the peel of the little oranges into the edge of the flame and watch the sputter of blue that they made. I would stand and look out over the roofs of

Let’s work together soon!

Greetings friends & clients! I am so blessed to have a busy fall schedule ahead, working with executives, leaders, event planners, sales teams, and project ninjas to help them network and build business relationships with greater purpose, polish, presence and productivity. But as the shorter days approach, I can see it’s also time to look ahead to 2017. Patti DeNucci 3-15-16 (2)

Please take a few moments to check out at my new sizzle reel. Then let’s talk about how we can find creative ways to work together …

How to enjoy your next conference more

If you’ve ever attended a conference, are heading to a conference, or think you might have a conference in your future and are feeling twinges of anxiety, this blog is for you.

“Be here now. Be there later.” These are the words of the Western born yogi and spiritual teacher Ram Dass. Turns out Ram’s advice inspired the perfect themes for me as I attended, INFLUENCE 2016, the summer convention of the National Speakers Association. The event was last week and I’m still …

How do you view your world?

I have a confession. I’m a fan of the Sunday New York Times, but it can sometimes take me weeks to read through just one edition. This is particularly true of the thought-provoking essays and opinion pieces in the magazine and Review sections. I take in each piece slowly and intentionally, savoring each one. It just takes awhile to enjoy them all.

The bad news: random sections of the NYT are strewn about my home and office. The good news: these articles often make into …

Networking: 10 gracious & thoughtful next steps

Want to do something that makes you stand out from the crowd next time you make a connection? It’s so easy it’s almost ridiculous. Yet so few people actually do this – and when they do, they often get it wrong.

Let’s call it The Art of the Gracious Networking Follow Up.   Here’s how it works:FunkyFrogStock

Next time you meet someone – could be at a networking event or conference, on a plane, at the gym, at your niece’s wedding shower, while standing outside …

The most important woman in my life

Today’s post isn’t necessarily about connecting or networking or building business relationships, but it is about someone who has heavily influenced who I am and who I have become. I often talk about my grandfather and my dad in my presentations, but today I want to honor the mother I was blessed to have and be raised by.

Mom was born in 1918, the youngest of nine children. She died of Parkinson’s disease in 2002 after suffering and declining for nearly a decade. Those dates …

Shift your inner voice for a more positive networking experience

Our human brains and our ability to “talk” to ourselves are miracles of nature. Problem is, they often get things wrong  ̶  or even totally backwards. So say two of my favorite and very wise self-help authors and teachers, Byron Katie and Martha Beck. I am learning to believe them.

Take for example the ways we talk to, scold, or belittle ourselves. Or even freak ourselves out completely.

  • “I should be getting more done.”
  • “Everyone is more productive and successful than I am.”
  • “I need

Courageous conversations: Let’s have more of them!

And I don’t mean the courageous conversations where you’ve really had it!  So you’ve finally gotten up the nerve to tell your nosy, noisy, no-good neighbor what you really think of her. Or you’re going to, once and for all, let your supervisor know what a complete and utter jerk he is. Or you’re mad as hell and are going to return the faulty – and overpriced – gizmo you bought, raise a ruckus, and demand a complete refund. And an apology.


I mean …