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10 Tips for Reconnecting

True story. The other day I was trying to reach a colleague and became extremely frustrated. He had put gate after gate, barrier after barrier, limitation after limitation between us. Possibly in an effort to limit distractions and focus his time on an important project, but possibly for another reason: to isolate himself.  Maybe even to “protect” himself – or avoid me. Whatever he was doing, it left me feeling small, unimportant, and insignificant. I eventually gave up.

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Confession: I know I’ve done this. …

15 easy ways to network, converse and connect

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“Where should I be networking?” is a question I’m often asked by my clients and audiences.  Other variations are “How often…?”  “Where…?”  “Which networking groups should I join?” And on and on.  Good questions, of course, but here’s my BEST answer: Networking happens wherever there are people and opportunities to offer a greeting and spark a conversation. You just never know when or where that will be – the gym, the dog park, the corner coffee shop, the barbershop or beauty salon – …

This month’s irresistible special offer

Stop and think, for just a moment. Do you know a woman who’s going through something tough – or challenging –  right now? A devastating loss? A rough patch in her education, career, or family life? Maybe she’s starting a business or new career?  Maybe she’s dealing with a health challenge or ongoing frustrations, fears, or self-esteem issues? Maybe she has an empty nest or is retiring – and doesn’t know what her Next Step is?

I’m here to help.

Here’s an irresistible offer that’s not …

It can be as easy as this

Today’s networking, relationship-building lesson – and it’s a quick one.Fotolia_61312810_S

To all you introverts who find it easier to work on your projects in solitude and keep to yourselves; to all you hard-at-work workers who have your eyes glued to your screens, your butts glued to your chairs, and your To Do List’s top-of-mind at all times; to all you sofa-loungers who’d rather watch another episode of whatever-you’re-currently-watching or get lost in the Internet and social media; and to all of you who move only …

Encourage as you network

One of my wise coaching friends shared some great advice with me: establish a morning ritual. One that goes beyond reaching for the snooze button or that second cup of coffee.  Studies prove that a positive morning ritual is conducive to being more productive, energized, and inspired for the rest of the day. For me, it’s reading something inspiring, journaling, enjoying my coffee, and taking my dog for a walk. Sometimes I reach out to one of my close friends or sisters for a quick catch-up …

What a dog can teach you about networking

Chloe the Wonder DogMeet Chloe the Wonder Dog. She belongs to my nephew Scott and is one of the coolest, friendliest and savviest canines I’ve ever met. She is so amazing, she inspired a valuable networking lesson that you really need to know about for your own savvy-ness and even safety.

Here goes.

Last summer I was driving up the driveway of my nephew’s farm just south of Minneapolis in a car I had borrowed from the friends with whom I was staying. As I pulled in, Chloe the …

Attention introverts, shy people & wallflowers

I’m going to warn you, if you’re an introvert / shy person / wallflower, this post might make your face melt off.  So for heaven’s sake, please be sure you are sitting down when you read this.

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In my continual research into all things having to do with networking, business socialization, conversation, communication, collaboration, social graces, leadership, success, and business protocol I’ve seen a recurring theme that’s been very interesting. I have to share it because it runs counter to what most …

A little networking experiment

I have a challenge for you. No, it’s not about listing things for which you are grateful. (Although research reveals gratitude is an impressively attractive activity and trait.)  And, no, it’s not about tossing a bucket of ice water on yourself. (Although hasn’t that been a fun-to-watch and amazing fundraising phenomenon?)

This is something way more subtle, yet boldly revolutionary.

I’m calling it my Good Morning Project.

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© Gajus –

Here’s how it works:  For the next week, as you go about your normal activities, I …

Network – and inspire – in your own special way

Smart people sometimes believe they have all the answers. Actually, I think the really smart ones know the opposite is true.  Case in point: While preparing a corporate workshop last spring I had the pleasure of interviewing an expert on change, advocacy, influence, and innovation. From my conversation with this insightful man, I was led to the eureka moment that most of “our” great ideas aren’t really ours at all. In fact, research reveals…

The Over-Booked Networker

You know this person. Maybe you are this person. I’m talking about the individual who is chronically overbooked with networking and social events.  On many occasions (meaning more than once a week) she is double- or even triple-booked.  He drives to one event, darts in, “makes an appearance”, and then dashes out to repeat the process.  And this goes on regularly.

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© duncanandison –

I can definitely see this happening occasionally – and I’ve done it. We’ve all had busy, double-booked times, and we are blessed with …