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Strategies & tactics for those Big Projects

I’ve got some big projects on my plate this year.  Bet you do, too.

Perhaps, like me, you have those moments where you take a good look at all you have to do and wonder how you’ll ever tackle, manage, conquer, or even simply get through them.

You may feel twinges of anxiety and doubt and experience thoughts (or even nightmares) of being unprepared and alone. Metaphorically you may even feel a little like a newbie cage fighter tossed into the ring with a monster of …

Epiphanies and connections don’t just happen

“If you want someone to have an epiphany, you need to start a gracious conversation first.”

I’ve paraphrased a little here, but those are words to consider if you want to connect, influence, or persuade others, whether it’s with your writing, speaking, marketing messages, or even when you’re simply talking to people. This is according to author, poet, songwriter, speaker, and marketing / PR genius Dennis Welch.  He was our featured speaker today at the National Speakers Association (NSA) chapter meeting in Austin, TX.

Welch …

Are you running in circles?

No, I don’t mean “Are you so crazy-busy that you’re running around in circles and not getting anywhere?” Although that’s always a great check-in question.imagesSP1UT9M1

What I mean is:

  • How many circles do you have in your personal and professional life?
  • How much diversity and value are you finding in these circles?
  • When was the last time you took stock of your circles?
  • When was the last time you considered updating or expanding them?

By way of example, if you only hang out with your golf buddies …

Upping the quality of your network & social circle

In the mood for a little exercise that could help your happiness, success trajectory, and energy levels soar?

Here we go…20 Percent list

One of the key factors in becoming a more Intentional Networker is this: discarding the notion that more is better.

  • More social and networking events are not better.
  • Collecting (or giving out) more business cards is not better.
  • Adding more contacts to your database, followers to your social media, or friends to your address book is not better.

Repeat after me:  More. Is. Not. Better.


Good friends, good conversation & other miracles

imagesE1U1E9DDSometimes it takes good friends to set you straight. And sometimes those friends can reveal to you something so profound, it shifts your self-concept completely and launches you into an exciting new orbit.

Let me explain.

I was visiting with a friend recently, and we were discussing where we were in our lives and getting caught up. Talk eventually turned to analyzing people we both knew and guessing whether they were Type A or Type B personalities*. 

Networking tips & life advice from the plastic bins

Business woman writing in agenda.See if this scenario sounds familiar: You go to an event, conference, lecture, or workshop. You listen attentively to a brilliant (or reasonably interesting) presenter or panel. You take notes; the inspiring sound bites and priceless tidbits of information you want to remember; the wisdom and data that seem vitally important at the time.  You take the notes back to your home or office. You stash them in a pile or a file. The dust gathers.

Then what?…

Smile: the stress is all in your head

When you think of the Holiday Season what’s your first reaction? For some it’s a rush of anticipation and excitement combined with a flood of happy memories. For others it’s a wrenching feeling that starts in the gut and winds its way up your body, stiffening your back and shoulders, cresting gradually into one ginormous tension headache.  There’s so much to do!imagesCAOOGZ3H

Maybe you’re somewhere in between. Most of us are.

Whatever the Holidays mean to you (or require of you), I have few important messages I’d like to …

Reasons to be grateful to your network

thank youI’m going to make this quick as it’s quite likely you have places to be and a hundred things on your To Do List due to the Thanksgiving holiday:

During this season of gratitude, celebration, and reflection, please remember to give thanks for your most valuable personal and professional assets: the people in your world.   These include family, friends and neighbors. Yes. But don’t forget your colleagues, customers, clients, connections, mentors, role models, readers, fans, and followers.  I hope you’ll even consider all the authors you’ve read, speakers you’ve heard, …

The world’s ultimate networking destination

Patti & Jim Haynes 9-13 ParisParis is known as the City of Light, a city for lovers, and a destination where you can enjoy a never-ending supply of art, wine, food, naturally chic people, and incredible architecture and monuments. Little did I know it would be the place where I’d meet of one of the world’s most generous and inexhaustible connectors.

Here’s how it all started…

My friend Jill Griffin and I were chatting over lunch, coffee, or a cocktail (I forget) one afternoon last spring. We’ve been friends for 20+ …

Managing awkward social encounters

imagesCAWJECTCConfession time: I have a rather bulky and unstable stack of magazines and books at my bedside and next to just about every chair in my home and office. I can’t help it. I’m an information junkie. And I love reading what other writers write (as well as how they write it). I keep the periodicals around far too long, according to many clutter-averse people. Okay, whatever. It won’t surprise you, then, that this post is a handy recap of an article I read LAST SPRING in Psychology Today